To abide in good standing, we appeal to you and each member must make and keep the following commencements.  We anticipate your firm support for these obligations.

        Combined Freight Networks Member’s Obligations

1.    To support business for fellow members exclusively, minimum 50% of total outbound business and maximum as long as possible.

2.    To be active in sales endeavors on behalf of other members.

3.    To provide bona fide sales leads to other members when possible

4.    To respect other members existing customer base and refrain back – selling

5.    To refrain from bidding one member against another by not using competitive bids from different members in the same market.

6.    To submit monthly business report carried out between members to CFN global office

7.    To appoint co-coordinator exclusively for CFN fellow members for timely response.

8.    To promptly respond to all communications within 24 hrs.

9.    To operate in accordance with stated shipping advice.

10.   To pay all invoices in a agreed timely manner

11.   To quote rates clearly in full and final in the heading of FINAL CHARGES and in a timely manner.

12.   To share profits in accordance with prior agreement with fellow members.

13.  To Honor the rules and regulations set by any other national or international shipping, forwarding or maritime association or air freight association.

14.  To Honor the rules and regulations set by the CFN network in respect of the usage website and membership policy.

15.   To actively participate in Combined Freight Networks Programs, such as Annual Conference meeting, Virtual meeting, etc

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate without notice, at our sole discretion, the account or usage of the Site of any person or company who violates these obligations guidelines. We may change these obligation guidelines at any time. Changes will be posted to the Site, and your usage of the Site after any changes to these obligations guidelines constitutes your agreement to the changes.

Combined Freight Networks is set to be a dynamic and professional Network with a focus on quality. Membership levels are controlled by market in order to ensure that all members have the opportunity to participate fully & benefit from business growth through building & consolidating relationships with fellow members. The Combined Freight Networks aims to be the most dynamic global alliance of selected freight & logistics providers.


Pace Logistics Pvt Ltd
Freezone Logistics Services Co.
Freight Factor Cargo LLC


Navi Express Pty Ltd.
In Time Worldwide Express


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