How it works in free membership period?

1. Free period of membership is available for network’s first one operational year i.e.,  April 2022  to March 2023 . Free period may extend another 6 months or one year until to recruit maximum members in CFN.However, Final decision will be taken by management.

2. In free period you don’t have to pay membership fee, it is absolutely Zero for membership and you have to pay for company Administration Fee and will remain free till  March 2023,  as we finish our first  operational year.

3. Since we are not charging towards Trust fund , we will not be able to protect any business transaction using trust fund on any liabilities or claims within network in free period as well paid membership period.

4. Our aim is not to test trustworthy of each freight forwarders , let members use agency agreement between them follow accordingly.

5. combinedfreightnetworks offers no financial protection or arbitration . There are many freight networks already established but some forwarders dislike the ties that are enforced by membership.

6. All signed up members will get a user ID and password for website to access members details whenever they have any business to do.

7. Members joining us as member will be listed on our website’s members list so that members can see you on the website and request quote from you from right then and there.

8. Members can request for quote to members within website’s members list itself, we call this feature a “Get Quote”

9. Upon the expiry of the Free Trial Membership period ,such freight forwarding companies who wish to be part of CFN will be asked to furnish the Annual Membership fee for the following year.

Combined Freight Networks is set to be a dynamic and professional Network with a focus on quality. Membership levels are controlled by market in order to ensure that all members have the opportunity to participate fully & benefit from business growth through building & consolidating relationships with fellow members. The Combined Freight Networks aims to be the most dynamic global alliance of selected freight & logistics providers.


Pace Logistics Pvt Ltd
Freezone Logistics Services Co.
Freight Factor Cargo LLC


Navi Express Pty Ltd.
In Time Worldwide Express


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Combined Freight Networks Pvt Ltd,
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